The lawyers of our law firm have a unique experience of legal practice in the sphere of business protection in criminal proceedings, which is achieved through.

Team approach to defense: our lawyers have many years of experience not only in the field of criminal law and process, but also in the areas of taxation, corporate governance, contract law, investment protection, judicial practice, representation in the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. In each case, we demonstrate a team approach and this is a top priority in our practice. Each lawyer invests in the protection of the client his or her unique knowledge, which in a system combination necessarily leads to the achievement of the maximum positive result in the case. We not only do know how a business is built and working, we live inside it.

Complex expertise in every case: when the interests of the company, its owner or management are affected within the framework of criminal procedures, the lawyers of our law firm assess the risks in the case and choose the most effective tactics of defense of client, not only from the point of view of criminal law and process, but also based on the possibility of using legal instruments from other fields of law. That allows to achieve the maximum effectiveness of defense, which, as practice shows, very often is outside the box of the Criminal and Criminal Procedural Codes of Ukraine. This is exactly what the client is looking for and that he always finds in our law firm.

The ability to build a strong and winning position of defense in criminal proceedings with “latent suspicion”: as a rule, in criminal proceedings that comprise a commercial component, prosecutors try building a case against suspect through so-called “fact of committing a crime by officials of a company” without noticing ones of suspicion. That happens when the case is actually investigated against the company, but neither the company nor its officials are parties to the criminal proceedings and have no procedural rights in this case (filing petitions for conducting investigative actions, seize of evidence, conducting of examinations, witness interview, etc.). The lawyers of our law firm for years have been sharpen up practically effective mechanisms of defense in such cases. We do not wait until the investigator comes to the head of a company with suspicion notice or a court order of seizure of companies assets, but, together with the client, actively are doing our homework, – collecting evidences, reasonably presenting our legal position and wrongfulness of investigation, conducting the necessary expert examinations, working with specialists, witnesses and actively using the means of judicial control over the investigation in court.

Flexible approach in relations with law enforcement agencies: it is not always the case that “hard defense” in criminal proceedings leads to a positive result. Of course, everything depends on the case and when circumstances so require, after reviewing the case we apply in principle all possible legal mechanisms for defense of the client, including appealing the illegal actions of authorities in court and initiating their criminal prosecution. However, the tactics of defense by systematically revealing to the investigation the erroneousness of its legal position, the arbitrariness of the seizure of documents and / or assets, based on a correct attitude towards opposing prosecutors and a practical demonstration of professionalism and proactive defense, leads at least to the return of the investigation procedure to the legal framework. Very often this result is the removal of all suspicions from the company, its management, or the return of withdrawn assets.

You can be sure that we will be men of principle and good professionals, and when circumstances require it, then aggressive enough, while fighting for your rights and interests in order to remove accusations, dismiss a case, protect your assets and, the most importantly, your reputation and even freedom.

Responsible Partner
Volodymyr Yefymenko