The advocates of Golovan and Partners Law Firm represent the interests of the company owned by a British investor when executing judicial decisions to collect from the budget the amounts of unrecovered value added tax and penalties for late refunding the tax. The State Treasury Service does not perform these judicial decisions motivating by the fact that the company is registered at the uncontrolled territory of Ukraine and by letters of the Security Service of Ukraine, which raised the issue of stopping operations with budgetary funds in favor of society.

The lawyers of Golovan and Partners Law Firm prepared a complaint to the Business Ombudsman Council for the wrongfulness of non-enforcement of judicial decisions by the State Treasury Service. Business Ombudsman Council based on complaints sent an appeal to the The State Treasury Service, in which he noted that the failure of judicial decisions may indicate a violation of the legitimate interests of society and drew the Treasury’s attention to the fact that the letters from the Security Service of Ukraine are not grounds for stopping the indisputable write-off of funds when executing a court decision.