The Managing Partner at Golovan & Partners Law Firm told “Yuridicheskaya Gazeta” about career and reputation, successful business and the principles of professional ethics hat affect the career. Answering the question about the principles of the successful work of the Law Firm, Igor Golovan, in particular, stated: “We always set ourselves the task not only to help our clients, but also to change the practice of law enforcement.The secret of success is not to be afraid of being the one who does things that others do not even dare to approach.” 

As an example, one can point out that it is the Golovan and Partners law firm that has opened such a “market segment” for colleagues as legal aid to witnesses. Now the witness who appears for interrogation accompanied by a lawyer, doesn’t surprise anybody, the witness’s lawyer is directly mentioned in the Criminal Procedure Code as a party to the criminal proceedings. However, back in 2009, when we proved the witness’s right to legal assistance in the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, even not all of our colleagues agreed with us.

According to Igor Golovan, the law firm was the first in the field of protection of interests of legal entities whose business was destroyed in the ATO zone, also of victims of criminal proceedings instituted by the facts of the creation of a terrorist organization.