The managing partner of the Golovan and Partners Law Firm Igor Golovan  took part in the discussion on “Donbass: plans for 2017″ organized by NGO ”DONETSK INSTITUTE OF INFORMATION” with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation. The main topic of discussion was the review of legislative initiatives to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Donbass and plans for the reintegration of the occupied territories.

In addition to the above issues, Igor Golovan also drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian companies engaged in the economic activity at the uncontrolled territories, couldn’t be able to do business if they had not cooperated with the structures of the so-called “DNR / LNR”. The fact of a formal change in the location and even the payment of taxes to the Ukrainian budget, of course, is positive and has a value. But at the same time the financing of “DNR / LNR” is carried out and their “creeping legitimization” is going on, that one can hardly accept.

In the case there is no way to manage without economic relations with enterprises at the uncontrolled territories, it is necessary to explicitly recognize and implement “clear rules” for all enterprises, which will be clear on what conditions one can co-operate with the structures of the LNR / DNR. Thus, this will avoid double standards in the companies evaluation.